Monday, May 4, 2015

Keeping up Moral

The weather forecast has been accurate and the seas are still too rough to launch Jason. As we wait for better weather to arrive, we are keeping busy by processing samples that were collected during our dives to Mariner and ABE vents. Our cultures are growing in the incubators and our gas samples have been measured, but life on board the ship isn't all work.

Carlo and Nick in training for the big tournament

Caption contest starring Styro Foam trying on a survival suit
Ping pong has a long and storied history among seagoing scientists and there is no greater honor than winning the expedition ping pong tournament. While ping pong is an official game of the Olympics, playing ping pong on a heaving ship requires the skill and coordination of a gaming master. Our great tournament has begun with tournament underdog John defeating his lab predecessor Gilbert in the first round. Board games are also popular on the cruise, and another pastime is the nightly Settlers of Catan game which has been dominated by Carlo thus far on the cruise. Finally, a “caption this picture” contest has emerged on our common whiteboard where the funniest caption wins the author fame and glory (and more!). All of these activities help keep moral high on the ship while we wait out the weather and hopefully we'll be diving again by the end of the week.

Contributed by Rick Davis

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